Storm chasing in tornado alley is an amazing experience - you'll witness some of the most spectacular storms on planet earth, including tornadoes and supercells, but not only that you'll do it in the company of our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly chase team, in a beautiful and incredibly varied part of the world. Make sure you pack your camera!
Tornado Alley!
Tornado Alley in the USA is a unique part of the world with the Rockies bordering the western side, the Gulf of Mexico providing warmth and humidity from the south and perfect chaser country in the plains.

Every Spring storm chasers converge here to chase what are some of the most spectacular and powerful storms on planet earth. Although severe storms are possible at many times of the year here, the peak season which the weatherholidays tours run is from May to June.

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We're proud to say that we're good at what we do
There's little point heading out to the USA to chase storms if your tour company can't get you close to the action - we have a fantastic record, often getting on storms which others don't and this is one of the reasons why many of our guests come back year after year.

We carry the latest technology in the cars, with satellite based updates from the WXworks Mobile ThreatNet system and mobile internet available to us to ensure we're always up to date with the very latest weather data.

With the live streaming, video highlights and daily reports from each tour available for everyone to view online we have no hiding place and the proof is there for all to see!

In 2010 our tour groups saw 18 tornadoes and countless storms/supercells - every one of the 4 tours saw at least one tornado..
In 2011 although it was a quiet year for tornadoes in general the tours witnessed 6 tornadoes, one of which was an EF4 in Canton Oklahoma.
In 2012 we witnessed 18 tornadoes - including 6 in one day on the 25th May!

It's not just about tornadoes though, the storms themselves are spellbinding with each tour seeing countless supercells and even during quiet times we're prepared to go the extra mile and often manage to get on impressive storms developing in other regions - such as the upslope storms in Colorado which are an experience in themselves with the Rocky mountains providing an amazing backdrop.

Many tours companies in the USA won't chase anything beneath a 'slight risk' although what is known as a 'text box' risk can still produce some incredible storms - we chase everything so your chances of witnessing intense storms is much higher.
Over 80% of our guests rebook the following year!
It's our passion

Our team on the tours love chasing, and are passionate about passing that on to our guests - our guests often rebook because they want to see the storms we can get them on, but they also come back because they have a fantastic time and learn a lot about storms, chasing and the Mid-West itself from being on the chases.

It's not just about the chasing
It's an experience being out in the mid-west, besides the weather there are some fantastic sights to see whilst on the road, and once the chasing is over for the day there's nothing better than relaxing to eat a great meal, with a cold beer in fantastic company, and it's this social element to our tours which can really set us apart from the rest.

We even have pre-tour meetups through the year, the storm chase bbq in July was the last one with everybody having a great time, the next social meet up will be in the new year, this time in Birmingham - keep an eye on the Netweather chase community forum for updates about this.
We're a British company
When booking through WeatherHolidays.com you pay in Pounds not Dollars, which means you're protected from changes in the exchange rate. Plus you have the confidence that you're dealing with a company based in Britain which is easy to contact - and as part of Netweather you can also be confident that you're booking through a long standing, respected and reputable company.

If you'd like to contact us please feel free to give us a call on 0208 090 2490 or email us Here.
The Netweather chase team
Our team, lead by Paul Sherman is made up of experienced chasers, drivers, forecasters and GPS operators and they're on hand to keep you safe and make sure you get the very most out of your trip.

Paul Sherman:
I'm a 41 year old Company Director from Leigh On Sea in Essex. I am married to Louise and have 3 Children named Chloe, Abbie & Sienna. Work takes me to Central London 6 days a week, but I manage to get staff cover when anything extreme weather wise turns up in the UK. 2011 will be my 8th year out in the States and the more I go the more my hunger is for Severe weather. My current tornado count is at 109, along with 100's of supercells.
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