Welcome to WeatherHolidays - Part of After many years of running storm and lightning chasing tours to the USA through the website we've now given the holidays their own home on the web - we hope you like the site, all the photos on here are from recent trips & more holiday types, photos & footage will be on the way soon.
WeatherHolidays And Our Tours
Storm chasing tours
Every year since 2007 we have taken tour groups to the USA during the spring - the main storm season in Tornado Alley. Guests on the tours have seen countless severe storms, supercells and tornadoes.

Now, as well as our Tornado Alley Tours, we've also added tours to Canada (Storm Chasing), and also Arizona (Lightning). On top of this, we have an extra US Storm Chase, a Tornado Photography Masterclass.
Tornado Alley
Join us for the trip of a lifetime chasing storms in the legendary tornado alley. Your tour will start in either Texas or Colorado but could then take you through several states including Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska and more as you chase severe storms wherever they develop.
Tornado Alley
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