Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley in the USA is a unique part of the world with the Rockies bordering the western side, the Gulf of Mexico providing warmth and humidity from the south and perfect chaser country in the plains.

Storm chase team in 2017
Photo taken by John Finney on the 2017 Storm Chase

The thrill of the chase and viewing of these magnificent storms is addictive!
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Every Spring storm chasers converge here to chase what are some of the most spectacular and powerful storms on planet earth. Although severe storms are possible at many times of the year here, the peak season which the WeatherHolidays tours run is from May to June.
Our Tours
Our early season tours (tours 1-3) all start from Dallas Fort Worth in Texas, and our late season tours (4 & 5) start from Denver in Colorado. But that doesn’t mean you’ll only be seeing those states - we travel right across ‘Tornado Alley’ depending on where the storms are. These are some of the states we chase in: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, N.Dakota, S.Dakota, Montana, Nebraska & Arkansas. Check the schedules and availability for the 2017 & 2018 storm chases.
Storm chase team
Successful Storm Chasing - Why WeatherHolidays?
There are many storm chasing companies out there, so what sets us apart?
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