With over 80% returning guests year after year, our guests really speak for us!
"Storm chasing has always been on my bucket list and I was lucky enough to have a good friend recommend weatherholidays.com. The company is British based with a dedicated, exceptionally knowledgeable team who fly out to the US and run the tours. The thrill of the chase and viewing of these magnificent storms is addictive; Paul Botten, the Team Lead gets you right in the heart of the action. I can’t wait to go again!"
"Netweather storm chasing tours are the best storm operator I have chased with. I have been chasing with netweather for a few seasons now and they deliver the complete package. The team are very friendly and professional in all areas of the storm chasing experience. I personally Highly recommend netweather for anyone looking for the exhilarating thrill of chasing across the Great Plains and chasing the the biggest storms on the planet."
Incredibly Knowledgeable
"Chose Netweather/Weather Holidays primarily because they are UK based, which made me feel more ‘at home’! I had waited a few years before actually booking my much anticipated chase holiday out of fear of being out of my depth, but I’m very glad I did it - the tour is well organised, and Paul, the tour leader is friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, inclusive and SO enthusiastic about weather that from the word go you feel like you might have been doing it your whole life, and being a ‘chase virgin’ doesn’t matter because you’ll pick all the Chase speak up as you go along! And you’ll definitely want to go back for more. I went on my first tour with Netweather in May 2017 and I’ve booked to go back in June 2019. I can’t wait"
Already Booked For Next Year
"I've only chased once so far with Netweather but even before the tour was done, I'd already booked up for the following season. Despite what turned out to be a poor and very challenging season overall (weather is a very fickle mistress), Netweather, led by the excellent Paul Botten, still managed to get us up close and personal to every storm there was where other tour companies I've chased with were unsuccessful. As well as that, the professionalism is matched by a very relaxed and informal attitude which this chaser loved and is very much looking forward to experiencing again."