Storm Chasing in Canada
When people think of storm chasing, they usually assume the place to head is Tornado Alley in the USA, but there is some amazing chasing to be had in the Prairie states of Canada, especially later in the season.

Storm chase team in 2017
Photo taken in Saskatchewan by Gunjan Sinha

The thrill of the chase and viewing of these magnificent storms is addictive!
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The storm season in Canada starts later than in the USA, kicking into gear as the jet stream moves north during the early part of Summer. The chasing is concentrated in the south of Canada, taking in states such as Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The chase country here is vast and the skies are huge! Another great advantage in Canada is that the roads are emptier, with much less 'chaser' traffic than is common now in the USA. There are less tornadoes per year in Canada than in the USA, but even-so there are spectacular tornadic storms which develop every season.
Our Tours
For 2018 we'll be running a single tour to Canada. The base location for the tour is Calgary in Alberta, where there are numerous flight options to use from the UK. Check the schedules and availability for the 2018 Canadian storm chase here.
Storm East of Calgary Photo taken east of Calgary (Alberta) by Gunjan Sinha
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