Arizona Tours FAQ

Some of the most commonly asked questions about our Arizona lightning tours are answered below, but if you have a question that isn't covered here please feel free to ask us.

To check the tour schedules and availability please take a look at the Tour Schedules.

Q: Are you experienced, what special equipment do you use?
A: The tours are lead by Paul Sherman, a very experienced chaser with a track record of putting his teams in the best location possible for viewing storms and tornadoes safely - his and the rest of our teams enthusiasm and knowledge for storms will blow you away!

We have all the latest equipment within our chase vehicles, including mobile internet, satellite based Wxworks Mobile ThreatNet and GPS positioning so we always have the most up to date weather data available to us to ensure we keep you safe and give you the best view of the action possible.
Q: What will the overall cost be?
A: The basic cost of the tour is £1495, this includes your accomodation - (this is for a shared room with one other chaser, single rooms are available at a supplement of £650 on a first come, first served basis) , travel once in the chase area and services of our team. The price does not include flights to Pheonix Airport (usually costing around £600-850 return), meals and incidentals such as souvenirs. For more information about the likely final cost to you, please feel free to contact us.
Q: What if the weather is quiet?
A: Occasionally it does happen, mother nature doesn't play ball and there is a lack of storm activity. As the tour has a fixed base, there's the option to stay locally, perhaps hang out by the pool, or we may take an excursion to one of the numerous national parks and beauty spots nearby. (The Grand Canyon is in the vicinity, as an example)

We also have a very good record of getting on storms even when the opportunities are limited - very often during a fairly quiet spell of weather there are still storms which develop. Quite often we'll be chasing storms whilst many other tour companies are sightseeing or sunbathing!
Q: What type of accomodation will I be staying in?
A: We stay at a single base hotel across the whole Arizona tour. It'll be a comfortable, convenient location generally with facilities such as hot-tubs and gym, and a pool available for you to use as well. We'll confirm the hotel details closer to departure.
Q: Is storm chasing dangerous?
A: Severe storms are inherently dangerous, but with the use of technology and experience we do minimise the risks to you.

The greatest risk to the chaser is the roads, so we always advise extreme care when outside the chase vehicle, and will brief you on the various safety rules and guidelines that we have in place, both prior to and during your tour.
Q: Where do we fly in to and where exactly do we chase?
A: The base airport the Arizona tours is Pheonix, we will pick you up here at the start of your tour and drop you off here at the end. During the chase itself we typically stay within Arizona, but we will move further afield if the need arises. In short - we'll go wherever the storms are!
Q: What chase vehicles do you use?
A: The vehicles we use are generally full size SUV's with a maximum of 5 passengers in each, so they're comfortable and spacious, but also intimate enough for everyone to be able to get to know eachother and have good contact with our team members. We have a maximum of 3 vehicles per tour.