Lightning Tours in Arizona
Some of the most spectacular lightning on the planet can be found in Arizona during the Monsoon season. To add to that there is the incredible scenery, the chance of seeing a Haboob and some of the most incredible starscapes you are ever likely to witness. Arizona is an incredible place to visit.

Storm chase team in 2017
Photo taken by Paul Botten

The thrill of the chase and viewing of these magnificent storms is addictive!
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The monsoon season in Arizona runs during the mid-summer, so an ideal choice if you need your tour to co-incide with the summer holidays in the UK.

Another very handy advantage of the Arizona tours is that there's a single base. We stay at the same hotel throughout the tour, travelling generally not more than 100 miles to our chase target each day. So a more relaxed vibe than the multi-state tours in the USA and Canada.
Our Tours
For 2018 we're running a single tour to Arizona. The base location for the tour is Phoenix, where there is a daily direct flight from and to the UK. Check the schedules and availability for the 2018 Arizona lightning tour here.
Lightning over Florence
Photo taken at Florence (AZ)
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